Welcome to VATSIM Asia Region

Welcome to the VATSIM Asia Region! VATSIM is a large community of over 350,000 members all with the passion of aviation. Whether you fly huge jumbo jets or a small Cessna or want to fly in busy airspace or just out in the country, we welcome all! The Asia region in VATSIM is one of the largest by landmass consisting of 6 Divisions and reaching from Afghanistan to as far east as Japan and Korea and from Mongolia to as far south as Indonesia. Asia is a place so many call home and a place we welcome all with open arms.

Anastasios Stefopoulos
Region Director, VATSIM Asia

Who’s Online?

The Scope

VATSIM Asia is synonym to a fair, friendly and welcoming online environment where teamwork and team spirit showcase throughout the Divisions and vACC. Within VATSIM Asia Region the divisions form a dedicated team ready to provide support, assistance and training whether you are a new or already an experienced member. Feel free to fly and say hello to our members in one of their local languages. Hello, 你好,안녕하세요, Assalamualaikum,こんにちは, Halo, สวัสดี, Xin chào,
ສະບາຍດີ,សួស្តី,ဟယ်လို,नमस्कार, Ayubowan or Сайн уу.
VATSIM Asia Region prides itself on the professionalism of controllers throughout the Region and their ability to control some of the most challenging airports in the world. From superhubs to dangerous airports such as Kai Tak and Paro, VATASIA has it all.
We want to provide you with excellent ATC services and professionalism.


Ok, so you’re interested in joining; What’s the next step? 

  1. Where do you want to be a resident? (The divisions are listed below)
    • Just cause your living in a country doesn’t mean you need to be a resident of it on VATSIM. You can go anywhere.
    • For example, an Australia who is interested in Hong Kong joins VATSEA & the Hong Kong vACC even though he resides in Australia. 
  2. Now that the hard part is over click the button below to sign up!

Do you have any questions? Contact the VATSIM Asia Helpdesk, and we will be happy to assist you.

The Divisions